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Guideline of poster

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Poster display▲to TOC

The poster session will be an on-site session. Each poster will be displayed on the on-site venue and on the internet (GOING VIRTUAL).

On-site displayOnline (virtual) display
Placeon PosterboardGOING VIRTUAL (PDF)
DurationThe session time (about 2 hours)Sep. 9(Sat) - 14(Thu)
SizeA0 Portrait (One sheet)
MethodPrint and display by yourself.Submit a PDF file by 11:59 pm of Sep. 5(Tue), 2023.

Guideline of preparation▲to TOC

The poster manuscript for online display should be formatted for A0 PORTRAIT (W: 841mm, H: 1189 mm).
Other paper sizes are acceptable, but any manuscripts in two or more pages are not acceptable.

The entire area of the page can be used for your contents. No need to indicate the Paper ID nor Acknowledgement number, but the Title and Author(s) should be indicated.

The poster for on-site display and that for online display must be identical.

To change the slide size to A0 in PowerPoint▲to TOC

Design→Customize→Slide Size→Custom Slide Size...

Slides sized for: Custom
Width: 84.1 cm
Height: 118.9 cm

Guideline of Uploading▲to TOC

  1. Only a ONE-page PDF file can be accepted.
  2. The acknowledgement number and password are required for the manuscript uploading.
    If you have forgotten your password, please click the "Forgot password?" link on the Poster submission / updating form.
  3. The PDF file can be overwritten by uploading a revised version any times by the deadline. No submission and revision are allowed after the deadline of the manuscript submission.
  4. A manuscript PDF file should be no larger than 6145 KB (kilobytes).
  5. No security settings on the PDF file are allowed.
  6. Embed the fonts in the PDF file for reproducing the exact output.
  7. Please agree that the poster will be stored on the server and will be made accessible to the registered participants of the meeting.

Poster submission / updating form