SY-73. [SF] [Symposium of Division of Supercritical Fluids] Forefront of Supercritical Fluid Technology 2023

Organizer(s): Ota Masaki (Tohoku Univ.), Honma Tetsuo (NIT Hachinohe Col.), Machida Hiroshi (Nagoya Univ.), Teratani Shogo (JGC Japan), Hiraga Yuya (Tohoku Univ.)

In this symposium, we will discuss the latest technologies related to material synthesis/manufacturing/recycling technology using high-pressure fluids including supercritical fluids, creation/energy-saving technology, effective utilization technology of biomass/natural compounds, and basic physical properties required for these technological developments. The aim is to actively discuss research results from a wide range of perspectives. Prizes will be awarded for outstanding presentations by students.

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SCEJ 54th Autumn Meeting (Fukuoka, 2023)

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