SY-68. [BE] [Symposium of Division of Biochemical Engineering] Advances and Frontiers in Food Chemical Engineering ~Toward Interdisciplinary Collaboration and Deepening Food Science and Technology~

Organizer(s): Ichikawa Sosaku (Univ. of Tsukuba), Inoue Takashi (PokkaSapporo Food & Beverage)

Food is the sustenance of human life, and efficient and effective processing technologies for food resources are essential. In order to solve problems caused by the progress of the aging society and by lifestyle-related diseases, the development of foods leading to the restoration, maintenance, and promotion of good health is required. In addition, global climate change and energy issues require the stable production and supply of safe foods. In order to solve these issues surrounding food and its production, food engineering needs to advance through interdisciplinary collaboration and science and deepening science and technology. By advancing interdisciplinary collaboration, such as through research and development involving emerging technologies such as AI, IoT, and data science, it is expected that innovative technologies will be created that lead to solutions to various issues in the food industry. This symposium will contribute to new developments in food engineering by presenting the latest research in related fields and discussing it in an interdisciplinary framework.

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SCEJ 54th Autumn Meeting (Fukuoka, 2023)

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