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SCEJ 54th Autumn Meeting (Fukuoka, 2023)

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Session programs : SY-69

The preprints(abstracts) are now open (Aug. 28). These can be viewed by clicking the Paper IDs. The ID/PW sent to the Registered participants and invited persons are required.

SY-69 [Symposium of Division of Biochemical Engineering]
Cell Culture Tools for the Advancement of Regenerative Medicine Field

Organizers: Sakai Shinji (Osaka Univ.), Okamoto Yukihiro (Osaka Univ.), Tsumoto Kanta (Mie Univ.)

Cell culture is the process of growing cells and tissues in vitro and is a fundamental element of regenerative medicine. Advances in cell culture technology contribute to the efficiency and safety of regenerative medicine. In this symposium, we invite a wide range of presentations on the latest research on these cell culture-related technologies and tools, regardless of scale, to discuss and promote the realization of a society in which more people can benefit from regenerative medicine.

Hall T, Day 2

Title / AuthorsKeywordsTopic codeAck.
Hall T(816), Day 2(Sep. 12)
(9:00–10:00) (Chair: Sakai Shinji)
9:009:20T201Analysis of the immobilized lipid membrane properties
(Osaka U.) (Reg)Okamoto Yukihiro
immobilized lipid membrane
Lipid membrane analysis
9:209:40T202Hair follicle organoid for regenerative medicine
(KISTEC) *(Reg)Kageyama Tatsuto, (Yokohama Nat. U.) (Reg)Fukuda Junji
hair regeneration
tissue engineering
9:4010:00T203Preparation of peritoneal tissue using cell sheet stacking technology and its application in the medical field
(Osaka IT) *(Reg)Sakiyama Ryoichi, Kawakami Haruna
stacking cell sheets
peritoneal tissue
peritoneal dialysis
(10:00–11:20) (Chair: Tsumoto Kanta)
10:0010:40T204[Invited lecture] Studies of Consideration Points for Regulatory Acceptance of MPS Data
(Sojo U.) Ishida Seiichi
egulatory acceptance
Consideration points
10:4011:20T206[Invited lecture] Therapeutic potential of regulation of long-period fluctuations in mesenchymal stem cells migrating on a matrix with cell-scale stiffness heterogeneity
(Kyushu U.) Kidoaki Satoru
Mesenchymal stem cells
Stiffness heterogeneity
Long-period fluctuations
(11:20–12:00) (Chair: Okamoto Yukihiro)
11:2011:40T208The Effect of Oxidative Degradation of Phenolated Hyaluronic Acid on HUVEC Network Formation
(Osaka U.) *(Stu)Elvitigala Kelum Chamara Manoj Lakmal, Mubarok Wildan, (Reg)Horiguchi Ikki, (Reg)Kojima Masaru, (Reg)Sakai Shinji
HUVEC network formation
Hyaluronic acid
Oxidative degradation
11:4012:00T209The maturity and functional analysis of human hepatoma cells cultured on different agitation methods.
(Kyoto U.) *(Reg)Horie Masanobu, (Mito Kogyo) Narita Ryuzo, Mitsuya Koji, Kimura Yukiko
Cell manufacturing

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