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SCEJ 54th Autumn Meeting (Fukuoka, 2023)

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Keynote lectures, Invited lectures, Review lectures, Requested talks

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Keynote lecture

Day 1(Sep. 11), Hall Z(1031)
Z120 “Chemical engineering process and properties of supercritical carbon dioxide” (15:20– 16:00)

(Kanazawa U.) Tamura K.

Invited lecture

Day 0(Sep. 10), Hall X(831)
X014 “The Basic Policy states for decarbonized society in Kyushu” (13:10– 13:50)

(METI Kyushu) Nita Junichi
X018 “Perspectives on the development of conditions for the implementation of carbon-neutral systems in the society ~Issues and discussions from the aspect of governance~” (14:30– 15:10)

(Nat. Inst. Env. Stu. (NIES)) Aoyagi Midori
Day 1(Sep. 11), Hall A(841)
A113 “Simulations connect material developments with issues of climate change or marine plastic pollution” (13:00– 13:20)

(Asahi Kasei) Yamamoto Aguru
A119 “Evaluation of the greenhous gas emission in anaerobic digestion and its residue management in agricultural system” (15:00– 15:20)

(TUAT) *Riya Shohei, Terada Akihiko
Day 1(Sep. 11), Hall C(843)
C103 “Analysis of granule growth in fluidized bed granulation using numerical modeling” (9:40– 10:20)

(Shionogi Pharma) Hayashi Kentaro
C116 “Chemical recycling of waste plastics via fluidized bed pyrolysis and gasification” (14:00– 14:40)

(Ebara Environmental Plant) Matsuoka Kei
Day 1(Sep. 11), Hall G(834)
G117 “Application of molecular assemblies in cosmetics - α-gel nanoemulsion and ceramide bicelle as representative cases -” (14:20– 15:00)

(KOSÉ Corp.) *Hayase Haruna, Naito Akane, Kuroki Junko, Tsukamoto Daisuke, Sakata Osamu, Ota Hiroki, Yamashita Mika, Konno Yoshikazu
Day 1(Sep. 11), Hall H(835)
H106 “Material exploration and process optimization by digital technology” (10:40– 11:20)

(NAIST) Fujii Mikiya
H108 “Data-driven Approaches for Functional Materials Development in SEKISUI CHEMICAL.” (11:20– 12:00)

(Sekisui Chemical) Masuyama Yoshikazu
H113 “Remote Operation Support and Automatic Plant Operation Technology In Waste-to-Energy Plants” (13:00– 13:40)

(JFE Eng.) Kojima Hiroshi
H115 “Prediction and control of bacterial evolution through high-throughput automated experiments using robots” (13:40– 14:20)

(RIKEN) *Shibai Atsushi, Furusawa Chikara
Day 1(Sep. 11), Hall I(826)
I107 “Sustainability Assessment of Innovative Technologies: ESG Management in Technology Development” (11:00– 12:00)

(Kyushu U.) Keeley Alexander Ryota
Day 1(Sep. 11), Hall J(821)
J108 “Direct observation of wall heat transfer mechanisms in pool nucleate boiling” (11:20– 12:00)

(Kyutech) Yabuki Tomohide
J119 “Rapid dephosphorization of iron ores by microwave heating for the utilization of high-phosphorus iron ores” (15:00– 15:40)

(Kyushu U.) *Ohno Ko-ichiro, Liu Jiazhan, Kon Tatsuya, (Nippon Steel) Higuchi Kenichi
Day 1(Sep. 11), Hall K(822)
K107 “Highly Efficient Desalination by Fluorous Nanochannel: Possibility for Next-Generation Water Treatment Membrane” (11:00– 11:40)

(U. Tokyo) Itoh Yoshimitsu
Day 1(Sep. 11), Hall L(823)
L120 “Development and application example of "rare metal solution" of poorly soluble element aqueous solution” (15:20– 15:40)

(Mitsui Mining & Smelting) Hara Syuhei, Motono Ryuji, Arakawa Daiki, *Nikata Soichiro
Day 1(Sep. 11), Hall R(814)
R113 “Development of Heat Pumps to Achieve Higher Heat Utilization Rate” (13:00– 13:40)

(Nissin electric) Iwakoke Tsubasa
Day 1(Sep. 11), Hall T(816)
T113 “Cell cultivation processe from omics viewpoint” (13:00– 13:40)

(UTokyo) Nishikawa Masaki
T115 “Biotechnology and bioengineering from life science viewpoint” (13:40– 14:20)

(Chiyoda) Kitamoto Junko
T117 “Fuel cell system from multiscale viewpoint” (14:20– 15:00)

(Kyoto U./ Toyota Motor) *Hasegawa Shigeki, (TUAT) Kim Sanghong, (Kyoto U.) Kageyama Miho, Kawase Motoaki
T120 “Healthcare society from system and service viewpoint” (15:20– 16:20)

(U. Elec Comm) *Kato Shogo, (Keio U.) Yahagi Naohisa
Day 1(Sep. 11), Hall X(831)
X101 “METI's Policies on Hydrogen Safety” (9:00– 9:30)

(METI) Okada Naoya
X102 “Hydrogen and Ammonia as Carbon Neutral Fuel -Introduction of R&D in AIST-” (9:30– 10:00)

(AIST) *Furutani Hirohide, Iki Norihiko, Nanba Tetsuya, Tsujimura Taku
X104 “Development of ammonia synthesis and decomposition catalysts aiming to contribute to the realization of the supply chain” (10:00– 10:30)

(Nagoya U.) *Sato Katsutoshi, Nagaoka Katsutoshi
X105 “Current Status of Ammonia Power Generation Technology Development and its Implementation” (10:30– 11:00)

(IHI) Fujimori Toshiro
X107 “Introduction of Ammonia Supply Chain Construction Project at Shunan Industrial Complex” (11:00– 11:30)

(Idemitsu Kosan) Imai Hirofumi
X108 “Towards the Social Implementation of Ammonia Fuel Value Chain” (11:30– 12:00)

(Toyo Eng.) Tominaga Kenichi
X114 “Introduction of the book on chemical engineering for carbon neutrality” (13:10– 13:40)

(Nagoya U.) Norinaga Koyo
X115 “CO2 separation from Blast furnace gas” (13:40– 14:20)

(JFE Steel) Shigaki Nobuyuki
X117 “Power to Gas technology of Hitachi Zosen for Carbon Neutral Society” (14:20– 15:00)

(Hitachi Zosen) Izumiya Kouichi
X119 “Design of nanoporous metal complexes and their gas adsorption functions” (15:20– 16:00)

(Nagoya U.) Matsuda Ryotaro
X121 “JPEC Initiatives in Decarbonization of Refinery” (16:00– 16:40)

(JPEC) *Kato Hiroshi, Akimoto Jun
X123 “Summary” (16:40– 17:00)

(Tokyo Tech) Shimoyama Yusuke
Day 1(Sep. 11), Hall Y(1021)
Y101 “150 years with cubic equations of state: What have we learnt?” (9:00– 9:40)

(Univ. of Lorraine) *Jaubert J.-N., Privat R.
Y103 “Cubic equation of the van der Waals type applied for entropy-based solubility parameter (eSP) calculation” (9:40– 10:00)

(Tohoku U.) Ota Masaki
Y104 “Prediction of the interaction parameters between CO2 and organic solvent for the PR EoS using an ANN” (10:00– 10:20)

(Tokyo U. Sci.) *Matsukawa H., Otake K.
Y105 “Digital molecular surface properties for phase equilibrium calculation by cubic equation of state” (10:20– 10:40)

(Tokyo Tech) Shimoyama Y.
Y106 “A Study on Prediction for Phase Equilibria of Mixed Ionic Liquid-CO2 System Using PC-SAFT Type Equation of State” (10:40– 11:00)

(Tohoku U.) Hiraga Y.
Y107 “Measurement and PC-SAFT modeling of solubilities of supercritical CO2 in functional polymers” (11:00– 11:20)

(Hiroshima U.) Ushiki I.
Y113 “Supercritical CO2 for sustainable chemical engineering: purification of recycled polyolefin to be use back as food grade packaging at industrial scale” (13:00– 13:40)

(CEA) Sarrade Stephane
Y115 “Enhancement of thermal conductivity of polymer based composite sheet and theoretical estimation” (13:40– 14:00)

(Kanazawa U.) Haruki M.
Y116 “Importance of physical properties of supercritical CO2 in materials preparation technology” (14:00– 14:20)

(Kanazawa U.) Uchida Hirohisa
Y117 “Supercritical Drying Process of Aerogels: Understanding Phase Equilibrium and Solvent-Substance Interactions” (14:20– 14:40)

(NEDO/AIST) Yoda Satoshi
Day 2(Sep. 12), Hall A(841)
A207 “Fukuoka Growth Next - Startup Support by Fukuoka City” (10:50– 11:20)

(Fukuoka City) Iwasaki Shintaro
A213 “University Startups and Investment: QB Capital's Initiatives” (13:00– 13:30)

(QB Capital) Kawata Noriyuki
A214 “The Importance of Talent Mobility in the Deep Tech Ecosystem” (13:30– 14:00)

(Plug and Play Japan) Okubo Hayata
A216 “Activities of CXO Bank of Fukuoka Prefecture” (14:00– 14:20)

(Fukuoka Pref.) Yaeno Mitsutoshi
A217 “Change the world with silkworms ~The challenge of developing innovative oral vaccines~” (14:20– 14:40)

(KAICO) *Sasaki Tomoki, Taniguchi Masahiro, Yamato Kenta
Day 2(Sep. 12), Hall B(842)
B208 “The initiative for advanced process safety management using risk-based approach” (11:20– 12:00)

(JGC) Tanabe Masayuki
B213 “Deterministic Risk Assessment of Plants in Service” (13:00– 13:40)

(Kyushu U.) Matsuyama Hisayoshi
B217 “Personnel training corresponding to the environment change of Chemical Industrial in the future” (14:20– 15:00)

(Tokyo and Chiba district personnel training society) Nakamura Masayoshi
B219 “Proposal for Non-Technical Skills 2.0& and producing contents” (15:00– 15:20)

(minamigawa behaviral characteristic Inst.) Minamigawa Tadao
Day 2(Sep. 12), Hall C(843)
C207 “Current Status and Prospects of 3D Digitization” (11:00– 11:20)

(Osaka U.) Matsushita Yasuyuki
C217 “Current Status and Potential of Perovskite Solar Cells” (14:20– 14:40)

(AIST) Kogo Atsushi
Day 2(Sep. 12), Hall D(844)
D213 “Novel Hybrid Index for Identifying the Main Transition Velocities in Various Bubble Columns” (13:00– 13:40)

(PAS) Nedeltchev Stoyan
Day 2(Sep. 12), Hall E(845)
E214 “Current status and future prospects of CDR” (13:20– 14:00)

(IAE) Kato Etsushi
E219 “Public Acceptance of Energy and Environmental Technologies” (15:00– 15:40)

(Kyushu U.) Itaoka Kenshi
E221 “Life Cycle Thinking in Environmentally-Conscious Process Design” (15:40– 16:20)

(U. Tokyo) Kikuchi Yasunori
Day 2(Sep. 12), Hall F(833)
F216 “Analysis of cell-material and cell-cell attached interface” (14:00– 14:40)

(Kyushu U.) Arima Yusuke
F218 “Development of high-performance materials using explosive welding and explosive compaction” (14:40– 15:20)

(Asahi Kasei) *Nishiwaki Junto, Wada Naoyuki, Hida Eiji, Tominaga Koji
Day 2(Sep. 12), Hall H(835)
H214 “Structure and Elastic Properties of Microparticle in Suspensions by Ultrasonic Scattering Methods” (13:20– 14:00)

(Kyoto Inst. Tech.) Norisue Tomohisa
Day 2(Sep. 12), Hall I(826)
I207 “Development of next-generation highly efficient fuel cells and application to electrosynthesis” (11:00– 12:00)

(Tokyo Tech) Otomo Junichiro
Day 2(Sep. 12), Hall K(822)
K207 “Polymer Recognition and Separation by Metal-Orgnaic Frameworks” (11:00– 11:40)

(U. Tokyo) Hosono Nobuhiko
Day 2(Sep. 12), Hall L(823)
L220 “The past and future of flash synthetic chemistry” (15:20– 16:00)

(Hokkaido U.) Nagaki Aiichiro
Day 2(Sep. 12), Hall R(814)
R215 “Research and Development for Greenhouse Vegetable Production on Agricultural Informatics and Expectations for Collaborating with Chemical Engineering” (13:40– 14:20)

(Kindai U.) Hoshi Takehiko
R217 “Development of a system for estimating vegetable intake "VegeCheck"” (14:20– 15:00)

(KAGOME) Suganuma Hiroyuki
Day 2(Sep. 12), Hall S(815)
S208 “Development of Epitaxial Growth for High Performance SiC Power Devices” (11:20– 11:50)

(Mitsubishi Electric) Tanaka Takanori
S220 “Structure and morphology control in thin films by using sputtering” (15:20– 15:50)

(Kyushu U.) Itagaki Naho
Day 2(Sep. 12), Hall T(816)
T204 “Studies of Consideration Points for Regulatory Acceptance of MPS Data” (10:00– 10:40)

(Sojo U.) Ishida Seiichi
T206 “Therapeutic potential of regulation of long-period fluctuations in mesenchymal stem cells migrating on a matrix with cell-scale stiffness heterogeneity” (10:40– 11:20)

(Kyushu U.) Kidoaki Satoru
T214 “A novel minimum luciferase "picALuc"” (13:20– 13:40)

(Shimadzu) Ohmuro-Matsuyama Yuki
T215 “Molecular detection using functionalized gold nanoparticles” (13:40– 14:00)

(Ehime U.) Zako Tamotsu
T216 “Deepening and Expanding of Biotechnology” (14:00– 14:20)

(Shinshu U.) Ihara Masaki
T219 “Design and development of artificial protein complexes constructed by fusion proteins” (15:00– 15:20)

(Shinshu U.) Arai Ryoichi
Day 2(Sep. 12), Hall U(812)
U210 “Women Scientists Network and Symposium for Women in Engineering” (12:05– 12:30)

(Kyutech) Takase Satoko
U211 “Recommendation for Interdisciplinary research” (12:30– 12:55)

(Kyushu U.) Yamanishi Yoko
Day 2(Sep. 12), Hall X(831)
X201 “Syntesis of value-added materials by using liquid-liquid slug flows as reactive separation field” (9:00– 9:40)

(Okayama U.) *Shimanouchi Toshinori, (Keio U.) Fujioka Satoko, Terasaka Koichi, (Okayama U.) Kimura Yukitaka
X208 “Development of a Membrane Reactor for Methanol Synthesis Using Water-Permselective Zeolite Membranes” (11:20– 12:00)

(JFE Steel) *Nishikawa Yuta, Shigaki Nobuyuki, Kijima Hideo, (RITE) Seshimo Masahiro, Kita Hidetoshi, Nakao Shin-ichi
Day 2(Sep. 12), Hall Y(1021)
Y206 “Proses Synthesis of Lorenz Cycle Power Generation using Zeotropic Binary Mixtures” (10:40– 11:00)

(Nagoya U.) Matsuda Keigo
Y219 “Introduction to cooperation use of synchrotron radiation X-rays and neutrons” (15:00– 15:20)

(JASRI) Tsutsui Satoshi
Day 2(Sep. 12), Hall Z(1031)
Z213 “The use of supercritical fluid extraction for "food": microalgae chlorella as an example” (13:00– 13:40)

(Tohoku U.) Miyazawa Taiki
Day 3(Sep. 13), Hall E(845)
E302 “Application of aluminium chelate for epoxy resin curing catalyst” (9:20– 9:40)

(Kawaken Fine Chemicals) *Yanagisawa Takamune, (Tokyo Tech) Kubouchi Masatoshi
E307 “Dependence of strain on the radical degradation rate of fluororubber sealant - Prediction of O-ring degradation using Finite Elements Methods -” (11:00– 11:20)

(Mitsubishi Cable Industries) Hiyaji Kota
Day 3(Sep. 13), Hall G(834)
G313 “Strategy to apply advanced crystallization” (13:00– 13:40)

(Waseda U.) Hirasawa Izumi
Day 3(Sep. 13), Hall H(835)
H303 “Operando observation technique based on combined OCT-TG for monitoring internal structure of drying ceramic coating film” (9:40– 10:20)

(Yokohama Nat. U.) *Tatami Junichi, Kuroda Hiromasa, Iijima Motoyuki
Day 3(Sep. 13), Hall I(826)
I307 “Development of electrocatalysts toward the wide-spread application of polymer electrolyte fuel cells” (11:00– 12:00)

(U. Yamanashi) Kakinuma K.
I316 “Systematic device design for highly selective ethylene production by CO2 electrolysis” (14:00– 15:00)

(Kagoshima U.) Tamaki Takanori
Day 3(Sep. 13), Hall L(823)
L306 “Fabrication of Glass Nanofluidic Device and Application to Nanofluidic Enzyme Reactor” (10:40– 11:20)

(NTHU) Morikawa Kyojiro
L313 “Waste water treatment by using tubular RO/NF membrane” (13:00– 13:20)

(Daicen Membrane-Systems) Nakatsuka Shuji
L314 “Flow Resistivity and Shape Modeling of Multi-layered Etched Metal Filters” (13:20– 13:40)

(Kansai Wire Netting) Yoshida Yuichi
L315 “Expectations from experiences of separation process development” (13:40– 14:00)

(JGC Holdings) Chikamatsu Nobuyasu
L316 “Improvement of chloroform adsorption performance by hydrophobization of activated carbon and application to water filter” (14:00– 14:20)

(Osaka Gas Chemicals) Seki Kenji, Akiyama George, Shimoda Hideo, *Sakai Kazuki
L317 “Latest Trends of Ion Exchange Resins in Industrial Liquid Treatments” (14:20– 14:40)

(Muromachi Chemicals) *Izumi Takeshi, Maehara Kanako, Muramoto Kenichi, Fukuyama Keito, Shimamura Munetaka
L319 “Separation and purification of rare earths(NdPr,Dy,Tb) by emulsion flow technology” (15:00– 15:20)

(CMC Tech. Development) Kawabe Kenji
L320 “Recovery of Precious Metals and Rare Metals at JX Nippon Mining & Metals Corporation” (15:20– 15:40)

(JX Nippon Mining & Metals) *Kimura Shun, Nakashima Kota, Nagata Kodai
L321 “Development of Lithium Recycling Process Using Nanofiltration Membranes” (15:40– 16:00)

(Toray Industries) *Tokuda Takuto, Miyamoto Ryoma, Yoshizaki Tomoya, Aoyama Shigeru, Minegishi Shinichi
L322 “Pressure retarded osmosis system using treated sewage effluent.” (16:00– 16:20)

(Kyowakiden) *Makabe Ryo, Ueyama Tetsuro
L323 “Innovative Distillation Process Technology for the Carbon Neutral State” (16:20– 16:40)

(AT-PP) Oba Shigeo
L324 “Development of all-carbon hollow fiber membranes for gas separation” (16:40– 17:00)

(Toray) *Yahagi Nahoko, Tanimura Yasuaki, Mihara Takaaki
Day 3(Sep. 13), Hall T(816)
T314 “Development of biochip based on the novel principles and their applications to diagnostics” (13:20– 14:00)

(HiPep Laboratories) Nokihara Kiyoshi
T319 “Peptide Manufacturing Innovations by PeptiStar” (15:00– 15:40)

(PeptiStar) *Kunitani Ryosuke, Nemoto Yoshitaka
Day 3(Sep. 13), Hall X(831)
X306 “A new approach for direct air capture using a free-standing nanomembrane” (10:40– 11:20)

(Kyushu U.) Fujikawa Shigenori
X313 “The latest process simulation technology for driving towards carbon neutrality” (13:00– 13:40)

(AspenTech Japan) Tanaka Shouhei
X315 “CCUS digital platform for reliable and flexible CO2 management” (13:40– 14:20)

(Mitsubishi Heavy Industries) Hori Shuji
Day 3(Sep. 13), Hall Y(1021)
Y303 “Weatherability of crystalline polymers” (9:40– 10:00)

(Kyushu U.) Kuriyama Takashi
Y313 “Thermophysical Properties of Low GWP HFO-Refrigerant Blends” (13:00– 13:20)

(Kyushu U.) Higashi Y.
Day 3(Sep. 13), Hall Z(1031)
Z308 “Evaluation of physical properties of polymers impregnated with supercritical fluid by rheological measurements” (11:20– 12:00)

(Anton Paar) Miyamoto Keisuke

Review lecture

Day 1(Sep. 11), Hall A(841)
A106 “Application of network modeling for intensification of environmental and energy processes, and its issues” (10:40– 11:00)

(Tokyo Tech) Matsumoto Hideyuki
Day 1(Sep. 11), Hall Q(811)
Q119 “Research activity of Fukushima Renewable Energy Institute toward Carbon Neutrality” (15:00– 15:40)

(AIST) Nanba Tetsuya
Q121 “Detailed kinetic modeling for condensed-phase reactions based on quantum chemistry calculations” (15:40– 16:20)

(Yokohama Nat. U.) Izato Yu-ichiro
Day 1(Sep. 11), Hall S(815)
S114 “R&D Trend and Future Prospect of 3D LSI Chip Stacking Technology” (13:20– 14:00)

(Kumamoto U.) Aoyagi Masahiro
Day 2(Sep. 12), Hall C(843)
C208 “Utilization and issues of renewable energy” (11:20– 12:00)

(Osaka U.) Shibata Masaaki
C215 “Haptics technology Development to create excitement” (13:40– 14:20)

(Sony) Nakagawa Yusuke
Day 2(Sep. 12), Hall D(844)
D206 “Trends in Fine-bubble Technology on the basis of the Development of Bubble Generators” (10:40– 11:20)

(Kagoshima U.) Goshima Takashi
Day 2(Sep. 12), Hall G(834)
G208 “Prospects for Agricultural Applications Using Non-Equilibrium Plasma: Improving Agricultural Productivity by Utilizing Highly Reactive Molecules” (11:20– 12:00)

(Kyushu U.) Koga Kazunori
G213 “The characteristic of electrode for plasma process” (13:00– 13:40)

(Nippon Tungsten) Shimizu Seiichiro
Day 2(Sep. 12), Hall S(815)
S213 “Current Status and Future Prospects of Hard Coatings for Cutting Tools by Chemical Vapor Deposition” (13:00– 13:40)

(Kyocera) Tanibuchi Takahito
Day 2(Sep. 12), Hall Y(1021)
Y204 “Trend in Applications of Physical Property Estimation on Next Generation Process Simulators” (10:00– 10:40)

(AVEVA Group) Hirohama Seiya
Y213 “Proposal of Molecular Representation and Inference Methods for Biodegradability Prediction QSAR System” (13:00– 13:40)

(Shizuoka U.) *Takeda Kazuhiro, (NITE) Takeuchi Kensuke, Sakuratani Yuki, (Shizuoka U.) Kimbara Kazuhide
Day 3(Sep. 13), Hall D(844)
D313 “The flow behavior of liquid two-phase systems in microfluidic channels” (13:00– 13:40)

(Tokyo U. Sci.) Shono Atsushi
Day 3(Sep. 13), Hall S(815)
S306 “Biomass utilization in carbon cycle and carbon recycling” (10:40– 11:20)

(Hiroshima U.) Mochidzuki Kazuhiro
Day 3(Sep. 13), Hall Z(1031)
Z306 “Advanced Functionality of Microparticles and Porous Materials Using Supercritical Fluids” (10:40– 11:20)

(Fukuoka Inst. Tech.) Matsuyama K.

Requested talk

Day 1(Sep. 11), Hall Q(811)
Q123 “Design protocol of microreactors and reaction analysis using microspace” (16:20– 16:40)

(Kyushu U.) Asano Shusaku
Q124 “Methane conversion reaction in the presence of CO over metal-loaded zeolite catalyst” (16:40– 17:00)

(U. Tokyo/ Shizuoka U.) Moteki Takahiko
Day 1(Sep. 11), Hall Z(1031)
Z119 “Isomerization of sugars in subcritical water” (15:00– 15:20)

(Kyoto U.) Kobayashi Takashi
Day 2(Sep. 12), Hall A(841)
A208 “Strengthening Science Techno Park in Indonesian Universities to Support Innovation and Start Up” (11:20– 11:50)

(U. Indonesia) *Heri Hermansyah, Sahlan Muhamad
A218 “Development of CO2 capture and utilization process in JCCL, Inc.” (14:40– 15:00)

(Kyushu U./JCCL) Hoshino Yu
A219 “Reasons for receiving gap fund support, its development” (15:00– 15:20)

(Kyushu U.) Inoue Gen
Day 2(Sep. 12), Hall T(816)
T213 “From Protein Engineering to Chemical Engineering for Life: Reflecting on the achievements of Dr. Hiroshi Ueda” (13:00– 13:20)

(Kyushu U.) *Kamiya Noriho, (Foundation for the Promotion of Eng. Res.) Nagamune Teruyuki
T218 “Light-induced control of biological activity using sterically bulky caging” (14:40– 15:00)

(U. Tokyo) *Yamaguchi Satoshi, Yamamoto Ryotaro, Okamoto Akimitsu
T220 “Molecular design of chimeric receptors: from biosensors to cell fate control” (15:20– 15:40)

(NIBIOHN) Kawahara M.
T221 “Protein screening from single molecule/single cell for industrial application” (15:40– 16:00)

(Nagoya U.) *Nakano Hideo, Damnjanovic Jasmina, Ojima-Kato Teruyo
Day 2(Sep. 12), Hall Z(1031)
Z215 “Efforts of the Supercritical Technology Center for social implementation of supercritical fluid technology” (13:40– 14:00)

(Supercritical Tech. Centre) *Fujii Keiko, Takezaki Daishi, Nerome Hazuki, Morie Kengo, Tanaka Masahiro, Goto Motonobu
Day 3(Sep. 13), Hall G(834)
G308 “Development of models for population balance simulation of a stirred-type crystallizer” (11:20– 12:00)

(Yokohama Nat. U.) Misumi R.
Day 3(Sep. 13), Hall P(Poster)
PB301 “High-speed computing for powder mixing process using machine learning” (13:20– 14:20)

(Osaka Metro. U.) Kishida Naoki
PB303 “Structural Control of Polymer Microcapsules in Flow Process” (13:20– 14:20)

(Okayama U.) Watanabe Takaichi
PB305 “Lot-to-lot variation of microbiota during the kimoto-style sake brewing process and its variability factors” (13:20– 14:20)

(Obihiro U./Kamikawa Taisetsu Sake Brewery) *Yamane Momoka, (Obihiro U.) Sakai Shuntaro, Hirai Miho, Takayama Mizuki, Sasayama Kohya, Douchi Kazutoshi, (Obihiro U./Kamikawa Taisetsu Sake Brewery) Kawabata Shinji, (Obihiro U.) Ikeda Shinya, Sugawara Masayuki
PB307 “Energy saving in wastewater treatment facility” (13:20– 14:20)

(NOF) Takano Shun
PB309 “Reaction field design for non-catalytic selective oxidation using low-temperature atmospheric pressure plasma” (13:20– 14:20)

(Tohoku U.) *Chida Tsutomu, Hiromori Kousuke, Shibasaki-Kitakawa Naomi, Takahashi Atsushi
PB311 “Synthesis of bimetallic nanoparticles with cyclodextrin-based metal-organic framework” (13:20– 14:20)

(Kumamoto U.) *Nagai Anna, Tomiyoshi Karina, Noda Shogo, (Sojo U.) Kusakabe Katsuki, (Kumamoto U.) Matsuda Motohide
PB313 “New separation and recovery technology of toxic cyanobacteria by controlling cell density and colonial morphology” (13:20– 14:20)

(Chiba U.) *Amano Yoshimasa, Samudra Thoriq Teja, Masumoto Amaka, Machida Motoi
PB302 “Evaluation of self-heating during low-temperature oxidation” (14:40– 15:40)

(Kobe Steel) Ikeda Shiho
PB304 “Hydrophobic deep eutectic solvents for critical metal recycling” (14:40– 15:40)

(Tokushima U.) Hanada Takafumi
PB306 “Restoring Urban Wetlands: A Zoning and Artificial Watering Approach” (14:40– 15:40)

(Obihiro U. Agriculture & Veterinary Medicine) *Nakashima Naohisa, (Zukosha) Tsuji Osamu, (Obihiro U. Agriculture & Veterinary Medicine) Muneoka Toshimi, Kimura Masato
PB308 “Optimizing the surface modification of cohesive polyethylene powders in a plasma-spouted bed” (14:40– 15:40)

(Gifu U.) *Xiao Fan, Kobayashi Nobusuke, Suami Akira
PB310 “Synthesis of energy storage materials utilizing local resources and green processes” (14:40– 15:40)

(Tohoku U.) Nakayasu Yuta
PB312 “The Importance of Particle Size in Industrial Tests on the Swelling of Reducing Materials for Steel Making” (14:40– 15:40)

(Nippon Steel Tech.) *Fujii Yu, (Kyutech) Saito Yasuhiro, (Nippon Steel Tech.) Suzuki Yutaka
PB314 “Evaluation of a new wastewater treatment technology, MABR (Membrane-Aerated Biofilm Reactor)” (14:40– 15:40)

(Mitusbishi Chemial) *Kigo Yunje, (AIST) Hori Tomoyuki, (TUAT) Terada Akihiko
Day 3(Sep. 13), Hall T(816)
T313 “Development of peptide-based odorant sensors” (13:00– 13:20)

(TokyoTech) Okochi Mina
T316 “Identification of materials-binding peptides for site-specific immobilization of proteins” (14:00– 14:20)

(Kyoto Inst. Tech.) Kumada Y.
T317 “Self-assemblies of peptide amphiphiles (peptide lipids) and their anti-cancer activity” (14:20– 14:40)

(Kobe U.) Maruyama Tatsuo
T318 “Hydrophobic Tag-Assisted Liquid-Phase Peptide Synthesis” (14:40– 15:00)

(TUAT) Okada Yohei
T321 ““Dissolution” using Peptides: Vehicles for Drugs and Nutrients to Human Body” (15:40– 16:00)

(U. Miyazaki) *Oshima Tatsuya, Inada Asuka
T322 “Machine learning screening of intestine deliverable bioactive peptides” (16:00– 16:20)

(Nagoya U.) Honda Hiroyuki
Day 3(Sep. 13), Hall X(831)
X301 “Process simulation of post-combustion CO2 capture via chemical absorption” (9:00– 9:20)

(Waseda U.) Isogai Hirotaka
X302 “Design and Optimization of Novel Negative Carbon Emission Poly-generation System for LNG Power Generation and Renewable Hydrogen to Methanol” (9:20– 9:40)

(Nagoya U.) *Li Qiao, Machida Hiroshi, Norinaga Koyo
X303 “Novel Design of the Methanol Synthesis Process for the Carbon Neutral State” (9:40– 10:20)

(AT-PP) Oba Shigeo
X308 “Life cycle assessment of carbon neutral compatible technologies: challenges in goal and scope definition and data availability” (11:20– 12:00)

(Tohoku U.) Fukushima Yasuhiro
X317 “Standardization of CO2 Capture in ISO/TC 265WG 1” (14:20– 15:00)

(RITE) Goto Kazuya

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