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Table of contents

Venue of the Meeting

The Meeting is planning to be basically an "on-site" meeting. Part of the sessions (SV-1, SP-1,2,3, HQ-11,12,13,14, SY-85) will be hybrid (on-site and online) sessions. (Ceremony has been incorrectly included in the list.) [List of all sessions]

Applications and Preprints

Inquiry for Application, Preprint, and Poster

If you have any questions regarding the Applications and Preprint manuscript, please check the following resources before sending the Organizing Committee .

List of received applications (updating in a 15-min interval)
View your own application form
(If you forgot your password or want to reget a copy of the application form, click the 'Forgot password?' link on that page.)
Correction of submitted application form
Manuscript preparation guideline
Manuscript submission/correction form (PDF file only!)
View your uploaded manuscript

Intellectual propaties

For Open day of the Preprints and Copyright of the Preprints, see Intellectual propaties.


The participants (except Invite persons) who will attend to the on-site or online venue must make your Registration.

Troubles at the On-site venue

Ask the staff at the Reception desk.


Organizing Committee of SCEJ 55th Autumn Meeting (2024)
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