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General Information, Schedule, and Co-organizing societies.

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General Information

The Meeting is planning to be basically an "on-site" meeting. Part of the sessions (SV-1, SP-1,2,3, HQ-11,12,13,14, SY-85) will be hybrid (on-site and online) sessions. (Ceremony has been incorrectly included in the list.) [List of all sessions]

Date Sep.11(Wed) - 13(Fri), 2024
* The session SP-1 will be held on Sep. 10.
On-site Venue Sapporo Campus, Hokkaido University.
(Kita 8, Nishi 5, Kita-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido, 060-0808) [access info. by University].
Organized by The Society of Chemical Engineers, Japan
Major Programs
  • Ceremony
  • Chemical Engineering Vision Symposium
  • Special Symposium
  • Headquarters Program
  • Trans-Division Symposium
  • Division Symposium
  • others


Sep.12(Thu), 2024; pm (plan)


Date Sep.12(Thu), 2024; 18:00-(plan)
Place Cafeteria "Hokubu-shokudo" in the Campus


May 7(Tue) - 11:59 pm of Jun.15(Sat), 2024
Preprint Manuscript Submission Jul.1(Mon) - 11:59 pm of Aug.7(Wed), 2024
Preprints OPEN Aug.28(Wed), 2024
Registration Period-I : Jun.1(Mon) - Jul.24(Wed), 2024[Closed]
Period-II : Jul.25(Thu) - Aug.7(Wed), 2024
Period-III : Aug.8(Tue) - Sep.13(Thu), 2024

Co-organizing societies

Individual member of co-organizing academic society can be registered as "Individual member of co-organizing academic society".

The names of co-organizing academic societies will be appeared here.

SP-1 [Special Symposium] Action Plan 2050 Toward Carbon Neutrality Based on Chemical Engineering
Catalysis Society of Japan
ST-25 [Trans-Division Symposium] CVD, ALD and Dry Processes - Reaction Engineering for Structure & Function Control
CVD Society of Japan
Organizing Committee of Cat-CVD Symposium
SY-70 [Symposium of Division of Biochemical Engineering] Advances and Frontiers in Food Chemical Engineering ~Toward Interdisciplinary Collaboration and Deepening Food Science and Technology ~
Japan Society for Food Engineering
SY-71 [Symposium of Division of Biochemical Engineering] Culture Technologies for Advanced Cells and Tissues, and Related Technologies Contributing to Future Medicine and Drug Development
Industrial Animal Cell Engineering for Next Generation (iACE) Forum, The Society for Biotechnology, Japan
SY-76 [Symposium of Division of Safety] Smart Factory and Related Safety
Japan Society for Safety Engineering
SY-77 [Symposium of Division of Electronics] Electronics Materials and Processes
The Japan Institute of Electronics Packaging

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