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If you have any questions, plase check this page or send an E-mail to us.

Table of contents

Venue of the Meeting

The Meeting is planning to be an "on-site"-based partly-hybrid meeting. Only the hybrid symposia can be attended online. The hybrid symposia are all symposia except HQ-21 and X-51. All general sessions (Except IS-1), HQ-21, and X-51 are on-site only.
The live streaming can be accessed from here (GOING VIRTUAL). (Note that all of general sessions and all of the poster sessions will be the "On-site only sessions".)

Applications and Preprints

If you have any questions regarding the Applications and Preprint manuscript, please check the following resources before sending the Organizing Committee .

List of received applications (updating in a 15-min interval)
View your own application form
(If you forgot your password or want to reget a copy of the application form, click the 'Forgot password?' link on that page.)
Correction of submitted application form
Manuscript preparation guideline
Manuscript submission/correction form (PDF file only!)
View your uploaded manuscript


The participants (except Invite persons) who will attend to the on-site or online venue must make your Registration.

Type of registration

(Normal) Registration (Non-free): Can attend all sessions. Can view preprints. Can make presentations.

Free registration to the public sessions: Can attend public sessions. Cannot view preprints. Cannot make any presentations.

Schedule of ID/PW notification

Invited persons and Participants who made Non-free Registration in Period-I or Period-II
ID/PW for preprints: Mar.4(Mon), 2024. ID/PW for online attendance: Mar.16(Sat), 2024.
Participants who made Non-free Registration in Period-III
Both ID/PW for preprints and ID/PW for online attendance: Mar.16(Sat), 2024.
Participants who made Free Registration
ID/PW for online attendance (valid only to the public sessions): Mar.16(Sat), 2024.

Correction or cancellation of registration

Non-free Registration: Click the Cancel and Correction button on Registration guide and log in the registration form. Or contact our agent, Keio Travel Agency .

Free Registration: Please make registration again at registration form. The old registration will be overwritten. Please contact the Organizing Committee who has any questions or wants to cancel the non-free registration.

Troubles at the On-site venue

Ask the staff at the Reception desk.


Organizing Committee of SCEJ 89th Annual Meeting (2024)
e-mail :