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Division program, etc. (X-51 to X-53)

X-51 The Challenge of Reducing CO2 Emissions through the Integration of Thermal Energy Technologies [onsite only]

Mar. 18 (Mon) 13:00-16:00 Hall E (Program)

Organized by
Division of Thermal Engineering
Division of Energy Engineering
KOBAYASHI Nobusuke(Gifu Univ.)
NAKASO Koichi(Okayama Univ.)
FUJIOKA Keiko(Functional Fluids)
OSAKA Yugo(Kanazawa Univ.)
SUAMI Akira(Gifu Univ.)
Various research and development efforts in energy generation and utilization have been actively conducted in response to the problem of reducing CO2 emissions. Thermal energy, one form of energy, is indispensable for industry and consumer, but it is extremely difficult to store and transport, and low-temperature heat is discarded without being used. Under these circumstances, it is important not only to improve thermal efficiency but also to develop methods, processes, and management technologies to utilize unused heat without wasting in order to reduce CO2 emissions. In this symposium, we will hold a symposium on heat utilization processes such as thermal circuits, heat management technologies, and high-efficiency heat utilization, and will actively discuss heat utilization.
X-52 Division Seminar of Fluid & Particle Processing Division [hybrid]

Mar. 18 (Mon) 13:00-16:40 Hall A (Program)

Organized by
Fluid & Particle Processing Division
MATSUKUMA Yosuke(Fukuoka Univ.)
TERASAKA Koichi(Keio Univ.)
MASUDA Hayato(Osaka Metropolitan Univ.)
ANDO Keita(Keio Univ.)
X-53 Physical Properties of the Future [hybrid]

Mar. 19 (Tue) 12:55-17:20 Hall D (Program)

Organized by
Division of Physical Properties
KODAMA Daisuke(Nihon Univ.)
SASAKI Masakazu(Toyo Engineering)
YAMADA Hidetaka(Kanazawa Univ.)
We are currently facing a gradual decline in our country's position in the global economy, changes in the social structure due to the rapid decline in birthrate, and changes in the industrial structure due to the maturation of society. The Fundamental Condensed Matter Division also faces the structural problem of a decrease in the number of laboratories and young researchers studying condensed matter physics. We would like to hold a panel discussion on (1) changes in motivation for basic physical property research due to changes in social and industrial structures and (2) the current status of basic physical property research in Japan and global trends, and to have a constructive discussion on the future development of basic physical properties research and further activation of the Fundamental Physical Properties Division. We would like to conduct constructive discussions on the future research and development of fundamental physical properties and further revitalization of the Fundamental Physical Properties Division. In addition, invited and requested lectures on the latest topics are provided.

Organizing Committee of SCEJ 89th Annual Meeting (2024)