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Manuscript preparation guideline

The deadline for the manuscript submission is 11:59 pm of Monday 19th February, 2024

The “Book of Preprints” will be published on line and in USB memory. The style and format should meet the following guideline:

  1. An MS Word template file for preprint manuscript including the following format is available.

  2. A preprint manuscript should be formatted for A4 portrait (not letter size). The drawings can be in color. However, even if the colors are used, the paper version will be printed in black and white.

  3. The length is limited to one page. Two page preprints are allowed only for oral presentations exceeding 20 min.

  4. The manuscript should be typed in two columns. The spacing between the columns should be 6 mm. The top and bottom margins should be 23 mm and the left and right margins should be 19 mm. The standard number of lines on a page is 49.

  5. Leave a white box of 31 mm in width and 21 mm in height at the left top of the margin border. The organizing committee will type the Paper ID in this white box, therefore there is no need to indicate the Paper ID nor Acknowledgement number on submit. This is not applicable to the second page of the presentations exceeding 20 min.

  6. No text nor drawings on the margin border and the top-left Paper ID area.

  7. The first line should be the title which should be in a font size larger than the body text. (Please in mind of the white box; If you use the template file, the text ‘(←Reserved for paper ID)’ is also omitted.)

  8. Leave a blank line below the title. Then the list of authors should be flushed right. Each author data should be in the style ‘(Short affiliation name)(Membership type)Name’.

    • The SCEJ Membership type should be one of ‘Reg’ for regular membership (including honorary membership), ‘Cor’ for corporate membership, ‘Stu’ for student membership, ‘Div’ for divisional membership, and ‘Int’ for international membership (including international student membership and international associate membership). It is needless to write ‘Oth’ for educational membership and nonmember is.
    • (Optional) If the author has the SCEJ Qualification, add ‘APCE’ for Associate Professional Chemical Engineer, ‘PCEF’ for Professional Chemical Engineer Fundamental, ‘PCE’ for Professional Chemical Engineer, or ‘SPCE’ for Senior Professional Chemical Engineer, to the Membership type. (For example, ‘(Reg·PCE)’, ‘(Stu·APCE)’)
    • Place a circle or asterisk symbol ahead of the speaker's (membership type)name. The corresponding author should be marked with a superscript asterisk *.
    e.g. (U. Nishikyo)(Reg)Kako I.* · *(Stu)Kogaku J. · (Minami Nippon U./JST)Saito H. · (New York U.)Kennedy B.J.
  9. Leaving a blank line below the author list, start the body text. The text of the second page (only for presentations exceeding 20 min) can start from the first line.

  10. The footnote with an asterisk should be placed on the right bottom and describe the contact information of the corresponding author such as the E-mail address.

Organizing Committee, SCEJ 89th Annual Meeting (Sakai, 2024)

Preprint Submission

The deadline for the manuscript submission is 11:59 pm of Monday 19th February, 2024

Submit your preprint manuscript by uploading the PDF file on the ‘Upload a preprint manuscript PDF file’ page before the deadline.

  1. Only a PDF file can be accepted.

  2. The acknowledgement number and password are required for the manuscript uploading.

  3. A manuscript PDF file should be no larger than 1229 KB (kilobytes).

  4. The PDF file can be overwritten by uploading a revised version any times by the deadline. No submission and revision are allowed after the deadline of the manuscript submission.

  5. No security settings on the PDF file are allowed.

  6. Embed the fonts in the PDF file for reproducing the exact output.

  7. When the uploading of the PDF file is completed, the system types a TEST-Program-ID `AA999' and display it on the screen. If the Program ID overlaps any other contents, please revise your manuscript and resubmit it.

Intellectual propaties

Open day of Preprints

Open day of Preprints:Mar.4(Mon), 2024

Preprint will be open on that day on the Meeting Web.

(The participants registered in Period-III cannot access from that day.)

The copyright of the Preprint which published on the "Book of Preprints" will transfer to SCEJ. (The copyright of the presentation materials (such as Slide and Posters) will not transfer.) Authors must ensure in advance that their Preprints and Presentation materials do not violate on the rights of third parties.

Organizing Committee of SCEJ 89th Annual Meeting (2024)