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Session organized by Industry (SS-1 to SS-5)

SS-1 Technology Innovation from Japan, Spreading its Wings to the World [hybrid]

Mar. 19 (Tue) 9:00-12:00 Hall A (Program)

Organized by
Center for Academia-Industry Exchange
Session sponsor
Mitsui Chemicals, inc.
Kobelco Eco-solutions Co.,Ltd.
NAKAYAMA Yasushi(Mitsui Chemicals)
SUGIYAMA Yukiteru(Kao)
OGAWA Shigeyasu(Kaneka)
IMANAKA Teruo(Kobelco Eco-solutions)
Due to the risk of global population growth, climate change, and international instability, the chemical industry is expected to make further progress in achieving a sustainable society. There is an increasing need for the development of innovative new products and production technologies for future industries, as well as new approaches to realize them. In this session, oral presentations will be given on case studies of technological development and inter-company collaboration originating in Japan, from basic technology to social implementation, and even overseas deployment.
SS-2 Resource Recycling Technology for Future Society [hybrid]

Mar. 19 (Tue) 13:45-17:30 Hall A (Program)

Organized by
Industrial Development Workshop, Center for Academia-Industry Exchange
Kansai Industrial Development Committee
Center for Academia-Industry Exchange
TANABE Hiroyasu(Tanabe Willtec)
SUENAGA Akitoshi(Heishin)
OGAWA Tomohiro(Kobelco Eco-Solutions)
MAEDA Haruhiko(Sumitomo Bakelite)
The transformation to a circular economy society is progressing all over the world.
Technology that recovers and converts resources from biomass and used products rather than underground resources is desired. This session will introduce examples of the development and commercialization of technologies necessary for a circular economy.
SS-3"Management Problems in the Chemical Industry" Discussion about the Chemical Industry toward 2030~50 -Corporate Management at a Historical Turning Point- [hybrid]

Mar. 19 (Tue) 13:00-17:30 Hall B (Program)

Organized by
Research Management Committee, Center for Academia-Industry Exchange
Session sponsor
Mitsui Chemicals, inc.
MIYAKI Hirohisa(Miyaki/Toray Corporate Business Res.)
MATSUDA Jun(Chiyoda U-Tech)
SHIOJIRI Susumu(Sumitomo Chemical)
KOSUGE Michitaka(Japan Inspection)
Recently, the occurrence of unexpected disasters such as climate change, pandemics, and the war in Ukraine, as well as the situation of capitalist economies and democratic societies, have been changing.
We think the people of Japan lack a sense of crisis regarding the decline in international competitiveness.
Additionally, Japan faces its own problems such as a declining birthrate and aging population, women's active participation in society, and a decline in technological development capabilities.
We would like to reconfirm this current situation and discuss the medium- to long-term vision of Japanese companies, with reference to examples of advanced companies that are planning future visions and transforming their management.
SS-4 Challenges of Chemical Industry aiming at Green Transformation (GX) [hybrid]

Mar. 20 (Wed) 9:00-12:00 Hall A (Program)

Organized by
Center for Academia-Industry Exchange
KUME Motohisa(JGC Global)
INOUE Yoshiki(Chiyoda)
TSUDA Takaaki(Mitsubishi Chemical)
OHARA Hiroaki(IHI)
KITADA Toshio(Asahi Kasei)
Japanese government's "Basic Policy for Economic and Fiscal Management and Reform 2023" states that it aims to strengthen the industrial competitiveness and economic growth of Japanese economy by accelerating Green Transformation (GX).
In this session, companies working on GX using Green Innovation (GI) Fund of New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO) will introduce the progress of technological development and social trends in technology.
SS-5 Transforming into a Next-generation Manufacturing Site that Produces High- Added Value [hybrid]

Mar. 20 (Wed) 9:55-16:20 Hall B (Program)

Organized by
SCE-Network, Center for Academia-Industry Exchange
Center for Academia-Industry Exchange
KAWASE Susumu(SCE-Network)
YAMAMOTO Kazumi(SCE-Network)
YABA Susumu(SCE-Network)
NEMOTO Gentaro(Ohkawara Kakohki)
KAWAHARA Takashi(Toyo Engineering)
In recent years, the spread of the Internet has made it possible to realize a digital society,and DX(digitaltransformation) that utilizes AI, IoT,and big data has enabled the creation of new markets and targeted marketing, and has generated the difference in profitability between companies.
In this session, we will focus on the transformation into the next-generation manufacturing site that produces high-added value, not only maintaining and improving the site capabilities at the conventional improvement level, but also including women's empowerment and robot utilization and we will provide lectures on transformation cases.

Organizing Committee of SCEJ 89th Annual Meeting (2024)