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SCEJ 89th Annual Meeting (Sakai, 2024)

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Session programs : SP-4

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SP-4 [Special Symposium]
Making the Sapporo Declaration in Action toward the Achievement of SDGs - Working toward Efficency and Sufficiency -

Organizers: Yamamoto Mitsuo (Univ. of Tokyo), Hanada Shiori (Mitsui Chemicals), Amasawa Eri (Univ. of Tokyo), Kimura Masaharu (Sumitomo Chemical), Ohkanda Takaharu (Fuji Electric)

The Society of Chemical Engineers, Japan presented the Sapporo Declaration titled "Declaration on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) - Chemical Engineering for Human Well-Being" at APCChE 2019. With the SDGs as our shared vision, our primary objective is for chemical engineers to contribute to the promotion of human well-being through the advancement of chemical engineering and related technologies, in order to change from Efficiency to Sufficiency, from a society that pursues efficiency to a society where people can feel sufficiency.
To realize the Sapporo Declaration, symposia have been held at the Autumn and Annual Meetings on themes related to the declaration, such as "Realization of Circular Economy in Collaboration with Diverse Players," "Contribution of Chemical Engineering to Safe Water," and "Future Chemical Factory with Diversity and Decent Work." And group discussions have been held to deepen discussions with all participants from inside and outside the society. Furthermore, at the 88th Annual Meeting, we reported on the results of the work done by the members of the SDGs Committee under the topic of "Chemical Engineering for a Desired Future Society," and promoted discussions on industry-academia-government collaboration.
At this symposium, along with lectures from experts who are advancing "Efficiency and Sufficiency", we introduced the results of our discussions that have been held by the SDGs Committee to promote "Efficiency and Sufficiency" and to realize the Sapporo Declaration. The objective of this symposium is to further deepen the discussion for accelerating actual efforts to implement the Sapporo Declaration.

Hall S, Day 3

Title / AuthorsKeywordsTopic codeAck.
Hall S(B1 1F 131), Day 3(Mar. 20)
(13:00–14:15) (Chair: Amasawa Eri, Ohkanda Takaharu)
13:0013:05Opening remark
(U. Tokyo) (Reg)Yamamoto Mitsuo
13:0513:40S314[Invited lecture] Goal Setting Approach of SDGs and CN
(IAE) Kuniyoshi Hiroshi
Goal setting approach
13:4014:15S315[Invited lecture] MOL's Environmental Vision ~ Passing on Blue Carbon for future generation ~
(Mitsui O.S.K. Lines) Koda Kazura
Blue carbon
Environmental vision
(14:25–15:00) (Chair: Yamamoto Mitsuo)
14:2515:00S317[Requested talk] Initiatives on Efficency and Sufficiency -Demands from Sapporo declaration-
(Mitsui Chemicals) (Cor)Hanada Shiori
Sapporo declaration
team building
(15:00–16:00) (Chair: Hanada Shiori)
15:0016:00Group discussion
(16:00–17:00) (Chair: Fujioka Satoko)

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